【header】head start什么意思及同义词

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名词 领先 英语解释
    advantage gained by an beginning early (as in a race) 例句
      "In some instances, the children started fighting over the inheritance as soon as the head of the household died." 有些富人逝世后尸骨未寒,子女就为了争遗产而闹得不得安宁。 Club line: The short line, such as a sub-heading, at the start of a paragraph that looks unsightly at the foot of a page. Also called Orphan. 版末短行:字数小的一行字,如副标题,排在版尾时,很容易被视而不见。美国俗称“孤儿”。 Even with labor-suppressant drugs, contractions started four times. Each time, they were headed off by a devoted team of 10 specialists 甚至在服用着生产遏抑剂的情况下,子宫还收缩了4次。每次都是由10位医学专家组成的医疗队把它控制住了。 Before you start to overtake, make sure the road is clear ahead of you. 超车前一定要确保前方路段没有车。 When Jim first started school, he didn"t do well, but he"s forged ahead in the past couple of months. 吉姆刚上学时,成绩不好,但是他在过去几个月内已迎头赶上了。 Conditions at the village contrasted sadly with the training centre.For a start,there were no pithead baths. 乡村里的条件同培训中心相比是太差了。首先,没有浴池。 She started to gently pat Jake"s head unaided, with a completely open hand.I smiled.She smiled.Jake smiled. 她开始自己用完全张开的手,轻柔地拍杰克的头。我笑了,她笑了,杰克也笑了。 brevet gave a start of surprise, and surveyed him from head to foot with a frightened air 布莱卫骇然大吃一惊,把他从头一直打量 As that task had been accomplished on all fronts, we were able to start the strategic counteroffensive one or two years ahead of schedule. 由于圆满地完成了任务,战略反攻的时间提前了,比预定的不止提前一年两年。 "Expiry Date of Credit: Within 37 months starting from the date of this Letter of Credit available with Bank of China, Head Office, Beijing" 信用证有效期:自中国银行总行营业部收到该信用证之日起37个月内有效