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  The Spring Festival in 2020 is a memorable one. Because novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new year's disease, people across the country have had a different spring festival. We usually visit our relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, but this Spring Festival is a phone call, which advocates less going out and less parties.

  However, there are a group of people who, regardless of themselves, give up their holidays, leave their families and fight against the virus. They wear isolation suits, can't see their faces, can only see the names on their backs. Although I don't know who they are, I know who they are for. They are soldiers in white. For the sake of the country and the people, they rush to Hubei, go retrograde, and go to the battlefield where there is no smoke of gunpowder.

  Watching them go to Hubei, we are left with the most beautiful backs.


  Dear Medical workers,

  I am Li Hua from an international school in Fuzhou. On behalf of my school, I would like to express sincere gratitude to you all for your devotion and sacrifice in the battle against the novel corona virus.

  In this epidemic, it is you who, regardless of the shortage of equipment and the potential of infection, desperately rescue those infected but struggling for life. It is also you who have shed new light on the virus with expertise to build up our confidence to defeat it. It is you who deserve all admiration and love!

  Such few words can't fully convey our thankfulness for your irreplaceable contribution. I believe with our joint efforts China will win the battle and make a quick recovery.

  Good luck and stay well!

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Hua



  The Spring Festival is a festival that everyone loves. The whole country is very busy. Every family is busy, buying new year's products, making dumplings, pasting couplets, etc. And in the happy atmosphere of this family, the virus takes advantage of the situation.


  The novel coronavirus was the most serious virus found at the end of 2019. But its arrival, let us greatly disappointed, the bustling new year did not have the past bustling, should have reunited the family member to be broken by it.


  Now, the new virus is in a high incidence period, mainly in Wuhan. And related to the surrounding provinces and cities, there are tens of thousands of cases and hundreds of deaths. The new virus exists not only in China, but also in 23 other countries.


  The novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV is the name of the virus. The virus can spread through respiratory droplets. The infection of the elderly will be more serious. According to experts, the main source of infection is a contact with a wild animal, the Chinese chrysanthemum bat. The virus has a latent period of about 14 days, and there is still contagion in the incubation period.


  Human viruses are infectious diseases caused by viruses that can parasitize and reproduce in human body and cause disease. In order to prevent us from being infected by the virus, we should pay attention to the following items: 1. Open doors and windows regularly for ventilation. 2. vaccination. 3. Develop good hygiene habits. 4. Exercise more. 5. Life should be regular. 6. Pay attention to the details of clothes and food. 7. Don't shy away from medical treatment. 8. Don't go out. Wear a mask.


  Novel coronavirus strain was successfully isolated from the Key Laboratory of the National Key Laboratory of the national health and Health Committee of China, Li Lanjuan, member of the Chinese Academy of engineering and National Health Protection Committee of the high level expert group in January 28th.


  So, we should stay away from the virus now. I don't know that our delicate action will make the staff on the front line fall short. But in recent days, I found that there are many more cases in China, which makes me very upset. I'm afraid the staff on the front line can't tell.


  Fight against the virus, from me. The fight against the virus is not about one person, or two people, but about all of us. On the contrary, we should be more like ourselves and let everyone look like me.


  I believe that we will win the victory of the base station of the virus. Come on!





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