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  英语作文是指用英语针对某一内容写出一篇文章,是英语考试最常见的一种题目类型,英语作文要求阅读、写作比较高,也是考生最容易失分的题型。描写生日聚会的英语作文应该怎么写?  描写生日聚会的英语作文篇一:
  I cheerful run out of bed early in the morning, see mother are wash the fruit, but didn"t see dad, I secretly went to the mother"s back, took an apple, mother seems to have not found, so I walked back to the room and take out my favorite harry potter began to look at, I"m very happy today, because today is the birthday of my long-awaited.
  "The bell! The bell! The bell! The alarm went off, and my mother went to my door and saw me reading in the room. I said, "happy birthday!" Just as dad was back, I ran up to my father and asked him where he was going. Dad said he was going to buy my birthday cake, drinks and snacks, and my dad said that I had a lot of friends and family to celebrate my birthday today. Time passed quickly, eleven o "clock, "when! When the!" The handsome uncle and my aunt came, and I immediately ran to open the door, followed by my cousin, my cousin, my grandpa, my grandmother and my brother.
  First father took out delicious black forest cake and drinks, mom a candle on nine for me, then everybody happy birthday to me, my mood is very happy, after eating cake, grand opera, is one of my favorite gifts of time, I can"t wait to open the gift, I like all gifts, because it was everybody wishes to me!
  Then we children played hide and seek, until the night fell, and everyone left. This birthday celebration will be my favorite birthday party, I will never forget this happy day!
  后来我们小孩子在一起玩捉迷藏,一直到夜幕低垂后,大家才依依不舍地离开。这次的庆生会是我最喜欢的庆生会,我永远都不会忘记这个愉快的一天!  描写生日聚会的英语作文篇二:
  Looking at the family portrait on the wall reminds me of my tenth birthday. October 25 every year is my birthday. I remember the morning of this year"s birthday, and I felt like every subject got a perfect score. I jumped out of bed and changed into a rose patterned skirt.
  I ran ran downstairs, picked up the phone to call the kind grandpa, grandma, grandpa, grandma, then is the most painful my uncle, aunt, and I grew up together and all my Cousins,; My uncle, my aunt, and my cousin who like to play with me most. Everyone was on the phone promising to come to my birthday party, so mom started to bake cakes and bake cookies.
  We prepared a lot of delicious biscuits, delicious food and cool drinks, and, with a big, forefinger chocolate cake and a summer watermelon,... Every one is mouth-watering! At this time, the doorbell also "ding dong! Ding dong!" I can"t wait to open the door. My friends and family have come.
  First of all, we started the candles and sang happy birthday, and then our friends and relatives gave me presents. Later, my Cousins and I went to my room to play "pillow fight" and hide and seek. After we had finished, we went downstairs and opened the presents for me. The birthday present was a pencil-box, a watch and my favorite book and a picture book!
  I hope my family can go in peace, the test can also be at the top, that night, everyone is going home, it was really a memorable and special birthday party, I hope I can achieve the wish today! I think I am the most happy person in the world!



  It’s July23. Today I am16 years old. I am going to have a party at home and I am waiting for all my friends to come. They are going to bring? Lots of beautiful presents with them.
  My parents are preparing a lot of nice things to eat and drink. At the party we are going to play games, sing songs, dance and listen to music. I think we will have a good time.



  The first: unforgettable birthday party
  Today after school, we went to a "nine Wan LAN Zhuang Hotel in Chen Xiaoyao"s birthday party.
  "Nine Wan LAN Zhuang" is an antique hotel. There are bamboo and rattan do swing, safflower trees, bamboo, small bridges, in short, full of natural flavor.
  This time, as usual, we thought about all kinds of ideas after dinner.
  Let"s go on the swings first. Sitting on the swing, some people push behind, feel a cool breeze in the side of the wind, very comfortable. Take a few times, we have a little tired, ran to play cover stone.
  We lined up and took turns. There are a few stones with moss, slippery, and a little shake. So we all walked cautiously.
  Finally, we went to the fish. We feed them with birthday cakes, and we feed them with tea. They all have a good time.
  The birthday party is unforgettable!
  Second pieces: unforgettable birthday party
  This morning, when I was in bed, I saw balloons on the walls of the living room. I asked my mother, "what do you do today?"" Mother said, "today is your 8 birthday."! Didn"t you say you were going to celebrate party?" I jumped for joy. After breakfast, my friends came to my home and came to my birthday party. We all played together for the whole morning, and at noon we had a big cake, pizza, fruit salad and pasta...... These dishes are made by my mother and godmother, very delicious, very delicious!
  After dinner, we played the afternoon again, until dinner, friends reluctantly left my house. I"m so happy today! When I slept at night, I was still thinking about the dribs and drabs of the day, tossing and turning in bed, so excited that I couldn"t sleep.
  Third: unforgettable birthday party
  On Monday evening, we held a birthday party Chairuien in the East Imperial Garden.
  We played a game called blindfolded. They agreed to let Zhao Yuhui to catch Zhao Yuhui, saw the eyes are covered cloth, all scattered escape, I found the TV table below is a good hiding place, I immediately went, Zhao Yifan followed in the. After a while, I saw Zhao Yuhui coming, I always on tenterhooks looked at him a moment later, suddenly, he was Ban at Zhao Yifan"s feet, Zhao Yifan immediately slipped away, I also want to follow out, Zhao Yu Hui has made my way blocked. I was leaning against the wall, his body shrinks tightly, it didn"t get caught. We also played a game, we divided into two groups, a group of cards to see, with the action to express the card on the words, with the mouth tips can not say a word in the word, another group of guess. Start, first Gong Zimeng group to do the movements, they made a brushing posture, I guess the toothbrush, and then made a driving posture, I guess the car......
  We spent all night in a pleasant atmosphere, but the time was always so fast. Could you invite me next year?
  Fourth: unforgettable birthday party
  This Monday is my brother"s birthday. At half past seven in the evening, there were many children coming to my home, both my brother"s friend and my friend.
  There are a few also brought a gift for my brother, a robot, colorful bar. When the younger brother took the gift, he was too happy to hear it.
  Mom moved out two tables, a table cake, a French fries, chicken legs, chicken nuggets, red bean pie and other snacks.
  To eat the cake, mother put "6" in the candle lit, we sang "Happy Birthday", brother made a wish, I quietly asked brother what made a wish, my brother blinked and said: "this is a secret, can"t tell you, if I tell you, no spirit." My brother never told me.
  Xu finished, began to cake, the children with plates, scrambling to squeeze to the mother side, scrambling to say: "aunt, give me a piece."! Auntie, give it to me!" "Don"t worry. Everyone has one. We"ll come one by one."." Mom said with a smile. And the parents were laughing.
  Share the cake, some buddy playing computer in the room, some are playing with toys, and some in the fangendou, playing in the yard.
  Everybody was having fun, and my little yard was filled with laughter. Unconsciously, the time arrived half past eight, the children were going home, we reluctantly bid farewell, and agreed to come to the party later.



  It’s July23. Today I am16 years old. I am going to have a party at home and I am waiting for all my friends to come. They are going to bring? Lots of beautiful presents with them.
  My parents are preparing a lot of nice things to eat and drink. At the party we are going to play games, sing songs, dance and listen to music. I think we will have a good time.




  Family means so much for me, I have a big family, because my mother and my father have many brothers and sisters. Living in the big family, I feel the love all the time, we care for each other. Every week, my family will have a gathering, we will do some activities, so that we can keep in touch closely.


  It is important to keep in touch with the family members. Since we are busy with our own business in usual, so if we don’t make the appointment, there is no way for us to meet. My family members keep the tradition to have the gathering every weekend. Sometimes we will have the big dinner, sometimes we will have the barbecue. These activities help us to keep the close relationship. We share our opinion, the parents are talking about their work stuff and the kids are playing happily.

  和家人保持联系是很重要的。由于我们平时都在忙自己的事务,所以如果我们不进行预约,是不可能见面的.。我的家庭成员保持着每周有聚会的传统。有时候我们会 吃一顿大餐,有时候会进行烧烤。这些活动有助于我们保持紧密的联系。我们彼此交流意见,父母谈论他们的工作事宜,孩子就在高兴地玩耍着。

  Family gathering is a good way to keep in touch with each other. I enjoy the moment when all of us meet in a place. Communication helps us to solve the problem of isolation.







  People love having parties with friends and families. A great party could give us a pleasure and better closeness with our people. After five days working or studying, sometimes we do need a good party to relax and build our network. I love to be host at home and invite my good friends to have a very relaxing house party. I love to provide good food and nice drinks to my friends and families.The best thing for me is that everyone enjoys it and having a good time together.



  I have a good friend, her name is Lucy, we became friends since I was five years old, she is my neighbor, we play together all the time. Yesterday, Lucy got her ten year-old birthday, she hold a party in her house, as her good friend, of course I would not miss her party. I bought her a watch as the gift, in the party, we sang and danced, she has many friends, so we played the game, we felt so happy. At last, we sang the birthday song to her and took out the big cake, Lucy made her wish, we ate the cake together. We had great fun at Lucy’s party, I wish her be happy every day.



导读:  It was Christmas Day yesterday. We had a Christmas party at school. Many friends of mine came to the party. After we said"Merry Christmas", we began to sing Christmas songs, such as Edelweiss, andso on. Then we told some Christmas stories, such as Christmas Father. Then I danced and laughted with my friends. We all had a good time. When the party came to the end,we said "Happy New Year" to each other.








自我介绍是向别人展示你自我介绍好不好,甚至直接关系到你给别人的第一印象的好坏及以后交往的顺利与否。 以下是小编整理的关于初三自我介绍典型事例【九篇】,欢迎阅读与收藏。




自我介绍 是向别人展示你自我介绍 好不好,甚至直接关系到你给别人的第一印象的好坏及以后交往的顺利与否。同时,也是认识自我的手段。以下是小编为大家收集的初三综评自我介绍500字【9篇】,仅供参考,欢迎大家阅读。


自我介绍 是向别人展示你自我介绍 好不好,甚至直接关系到你给别人的第一印象的好坏及以后交往的顺利与否。同时,也是认识自我的手段。下面是小编精心整理的综评自我介绍初三八篇,仅供参考,大家一起来看看吧。


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