[putty]put away的中文意思

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4.吃掉,喝掉 英语解释
    stop using turn away from and put aside, perhaps temporarily eat up; usually refers to a considerable quantity of food kill gently, as with an injection lock up or confine, in or as in a jail place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape throw or cast away 例句
      Dispute settlement body 争端解决机构 Ensuring process inputs, activities and outputs are clearly defined and controlled 确保对过程输入、活动和输出作用明确规定并予以控制 The mailbox is usually your username in to your computer , so your address may be king@ntw.org. 信箱名通常就是你的用户名,因此你的地址可能是king@ntw.org。 Multiprocessing: The simultaneous processing with two or more processors in one computer, or two or more computers that are processing together. 多重处理:一部电脑同时驱驶多个处理机或多部电脑同时进行处理的情况。 Put the problem into cold storage; temporarily put the problem aside; shelve the problem for the time being 对这一问题予以冷处理 There is some about that retarders or retarding plasticisers really alter the total heat output or, for that matter, the rate of heat generation 无疑地,缓凝剂或缓凝塑化剂确实改变了点总放热量或放热速度。 His attitude put me off. 他的态度使我不快。 A red-cheeked young sentry put a bayonetted rifle athwart his chest, and was deaf to his protests in sputtering Russian 一个双颊红润的年轻哨兵一言不发地把上了刺刀的步枪,横在他胸前,充耳不闻他气急败坏地用俄语提出的抗议。 John had a very good day and put his wallet containing £3,000 into the microwave oven for safekeeping. 有一天约翰的生意很好,他把一只装有3,000英镑的钱包放进微波炉内保存。 When plant assets are sold, any gain or loss on the disposal is computed by comparing the book value with the amount received from the sale. 当固定资产被出售时,任何处置的损失或收益都是通过比较账面净值和出售所得金额计算出来的。